Kevin Ryan here. Operating solo for the time being. I’ve been teaching English since before the WWW, and have always been interested in the space between tech and language learning, and by extension, teaching.

I’m teaching a course in tech adoption at iTDi.pro in February and March. I created this website to accompany the course, but figure it will outlast the course.

Here is my bio from the course:

Kevin Ryan has taught in Barcelona, Chicago, Nanjing, and for the last 35 years, in Tokyo where he is a Professor at Showa Women’s University at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

A scholarship led him to a summer TESOL institute at Northwestern with Michael Long, which led to a scholarship at the University of Illinois at Chicago under Elliot Judd. During the year in Nanjing, he trained post-doc Ministry of Agriculture scientists from all over China for grad school in the US. He has also taught at the Unversity of Tokyo and Keio University.

Most of Kevin’s research has focused on CALL, which developed from leading the Tokyo PC User Group through the transition from BBSs to the web in the early 90s, then as leader of the JALT CALL SIG along with editing publications like Recipes for Wired Teachers. He has been involved in many aspects of JALT, with two stints on the Board of Directors. For four summers up to the pandemic he has done teacher training for the NLD in several locations in Myanmar.

If you are interested in authoring or even partnering on this site, let me know. I’m tokyokevin almost everywhere on the Internet.