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DingTalk is a free office communications app similar to Slack, or Teams. Made by AliBaba, it primarily serves the Chinese market. The mobile app is available in many languages, but is rated 2 out of 5 stars in Google Play (29,000 votes).

It was used in a recent study of 60 Junior High students for Pre-writing to improve performance and reduce anxiety. The results were pretty much as expected.

What was interesting about this study was they used something called “L2 Syntactic Complexity Analyzer (L2SCA)”. Details available when I run down the resource (below). The tool uses a corpus of English from Chinese learners and is from 2010.I am looking for an updated tool that covers more L1s.

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Lu, X.: Automatic analysis of syntactic complexity in second language writing. Int. J. Corpus Linguist. 15(4), 474–496 (2010)